Counselling for Adults

Modern life can take its toll. Emotional challenges come in many forms and can affect us in myriad ways, causing anxiety, impacting our relationships, our self-esteem and our resilience. In counselling we work together to build a relationship where you can bring your whole self, explore your feelings without fear of judgement, and feel held, understood and able to do the emotional work required to meet your therapeutic goals.

Working with honesty and bravery we co-create an environment where you can work through your emotional challenges. Emotional work is serious business but there’s plenty of humour present too. I see counselling as hopeful work – your potential for growth is within your grasp, but life can sometimes cloud the way ahead, making the path unclear. I work at all times with your well-being at the centre of my practice. 

I am experienced in working with issues such as those arising from trauma; childhood sexual abuse; domestic abuse; bereavement, grief and loss; and neurodivergence. These issues might manifest as anxiety and depression, self-harm, lack of confidence and self-esteem,  anger, relationship issues, panic attacks and a general feeling of ‘not being okay’.

Our sessions are confidential. Everything you tell me will be held in the strictest of confidence unless you request otherwise, and give your explicit permission for information to be shared. There are, however, specific circumstances where I have an ethical or legal duty to share information. These are:

    • If you disclose information that leads me to believe that you or someone else may be at immediate risk of serious or significant harm

    • If you disclose information about a child or vulnerable adult who may be at risk of harm

    • If you disclose information regarding serious criminal activity such as money laundering, drug or people trafficking or acts of terrorism