Counselling for Young People

Navigating your way in the world can be a bewildering experience and the ‘always on’ nature of modern life can understandably lead to stress and anxiety. Attempts to cope can lead to habitual behaviours such as self-harm; self-esteem and relationship issues; negative cycles of thinking and repetitive patterns that serve to compound these feelings.

Therapy can help. Working without judgement I’ll listen, build my understanding of you, and together we can work to explore new coping strategies that can make a difference.

I have worked with children and young people in schools such as the Royal Latin, Buckingham and the Sir Henry Floyd, Aylesbury. I’m also a parent of three young people and understand how challenging it can be to trust a therapist to speak with your child in confidence (within the limits laid out below); I navigate this as sensitively as possible.

Our sessions are confidential. Everything you tell me will be held in the strictest of confidence unless you request otherwise, and give your explicit permission for information to be shared. There are, however, specific circumstances where I have an ethical or legal duty to share information. These are:

    • If you disclose information that leads me to believe that you or someone else may be at immediate risk of serious or significant harm

    • If you disclose information about a child or vulnerable adult who may be at risk of harm

    • If you disclose information regarding serious criminal activity such as money laundering, drug or people trafficking or acts of terrorism