What is counselling?

In the simplest terms, counselling provides an opportunity to build your understanding of yourself, to grow your self awareness and, potentially, to make changes based on what you want for yourself and your future.

The therapeutic relationship exists purely for your benefit, making it unlike any other relationship you may have experienced in your life so far. Your therapist is committed to working ethically to provide you with a safe, secure base where you can bring your whole self and explore your feelings without fear of judgement, feeling held and understood throughout. It is a professional relationship and we will create a working agreement to establish and maintain the boundaries necessary to allow this relationship to evolve over time. 

Coming to counselling requires your preparedness to work with honesty and bravery, enabling us to co-create an environment where you can work through your emotional challenges. I see person-centred counselling as a hopeful form of therapy, one that holds an optimism for your growth potential.

I work at all times with your wellbeing at the centre of my practice. My job is to walk alongside you, holding a lantern, listening and working with you as you decide which route to take. You choose the pace and together we form a therapeutic relationship within which you have the space to do the emotional work necessary to move forward.

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